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Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce   The Level...

Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce


The Level 2 (Intermediate Level Apprenticeship) will suit you if you work, or are about to work, in a supporting role as a nursery assistant, crèche worker or special educational needs assistant. You want to work with children, but you’ll generally work under supervision.


Progression from the Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Children and Young People’s Workforce


Learners will generally progress, either onto the Advanced Apprenticeship pathway or on to the L3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce. Progression to L3 or Advanced Level Apprenticeship will also enable them to move to higher levels of work or enable them to work unsupervised, e.g. nursery supervisor, childminder, foster carer. This pathway also provides a good opportunity for learners to move across the wider children’s workforce, should they wish to do so, as there are a number of units that are shared across qualifications in related occupations (e.g. schools support services, care, health, play work).



Advanced Level Apprenticeship in Early Learning and Childcare


The Level 3 (Advanced Level Apprenticeship) is aimed at those people already working in the Children and Young People sector. For example, you may be working as a childminder, day care supervisor, Sure Start worker, community nursery nurse or as a learning mentor. You may or may not have some supervisory responsibilities. You want to be in sole charge of children, for example managing a room in a nursery.


Progression from this pathway:


Achievement of this pathway will enable apprentices to access higher level jobs within the sector, e.g. Nursery Supervisor, Nursery Manager, Pre-school Manager/Co-ordinator, etc. There is also opportunity for apprentices to go on to further study at higher levels, particularly working towards Foundation Degrees in Early Years. This in turn will support the achievement of Early Years Professional Status (Graduate level).



Workers in the childcare industry can usually expect to work up to eight hours per day, usually with an earliest start time of 7.00 a.m. and a latest finish time of 6.00 p.m. Occasional weekend work may be required. Workplaces are generally  within nurseries, with positions available in pre-schools, primary schools and play groups.  Learners  may be required to wear uniform at work. The duration of this course is between ten months and two years.

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